Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I decided to try a new yoga dvd at home...and Monkey was along for the fun! He first was sitting on the couch while I was on the floor instructing me whenever I wasn't doing exactly what the lady on the dvd was doing "mom you're supposed to put your leg down now, mom you are supposed to use the other arm now". So instead of him being my new trainer for yoga I talked him into joining me on the floor and giving it a try too, he initially resisted but then joined in. He kept saying "we are doing awesome aren't we!" He was so chatty I couldn't keep up with the instructions from the dvd but I certainly had a wonderful time with my sweet wonderful son. I think next time I'll try it solo since I am pretty sure I missed out on the "relaxing" portion of yoga, however I wouldn't trade the tremendous memory we made today.

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