Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look out fish, here they come!

This summer is Andrew's first year of fishing even though he requested it last year. He and Daddy went and bought all the necessary gear including the Cars Lightning McQueen fishing pole, because who could starting fishing with anything else? So much to my surprise Andrew is quite the fishing pro already, he has yet to have an outing (except where there were no fish) where there not fish that were caught! He averages about 3 catches (and releases) per trip with Daddy. Andrew quite frequently request to go with Daddy and they seem to be really enjoying themselves. Daddy has not been quite as successful in catching fish, but in his defense he spends alot of time being the GREAT daddy that he is and helping Andrew (ie; baiting the hook, reminding Andrew to real in extra line, taking the fish off the hook, rebaiting the hook...and repeat!).

I was finally invited along this past week to check out the scene...and here are some pics from the evening...look closely you will see the fish! They blend in a bit with the background (oh and they aren't super huge but quite impressive I think!).

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