Monday, May 10, 2010

Fishing...well sort of!

So on Saturday we finally had a sort of not so busy day and Daddy has been promising Monkey that for his birthday he would buy him a fishing pole, so off they went to find the perfect pole. They returned with a fabulous Lightning McQueen fishing pole which of course needed to be initiated...however the only trouble was that Monkey was insistent on needing to go fishing with Uncle John! We think not only is it because he enjoys his time with Uncle John but also because he owns a boat which Monkey thought was necessary for fishing! After much coaxing Daddy and Monkey set off to a couple local spots to see what they could catch...however the first spot proved not a good location and the second probably would be better at a future date, so according to Monkey they caught "Zero" but he is anxious to try again! I sure hope for my sake they continue to pursue the catch and release plan for fishing!

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