Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are in countdown or is that up?

Well it's only two days until Monkey turns 5, he is in countdown to the BIG day! Tomorrow we take heavily frosted and sprinkled (thanks to Monkey) funfetti cupcakes to share with his preschool class...I apologize in advance to all the mommies who inherit those sugar laden preschoolers tomorrow! So as Monkey is in countdown all my mind keeps thinking is did we get to FIVE years old? So in my head I keep trying to add up how we got here so fast.

Last Friday was my turn at school to volunteer and be the librarian for the day, it is a day that I enjoy immensely especially when Monkey's class arrives and I get the most excited "hi mommy!" and a GREAT BIG HUG in front of all of his friends...I know it will end so I am enjoying every single one!

Anyway...the story I was reading to the 3 classes last week was All By Myself. It was about a baby elephant who wanted to get his leaves to eat all by himself without his mommy...well any of you who know or love a preschooler know that they want to do everything "All By Myself". I am just reviewing in my head how I went from the mom who just prayed for the day that Monkey could hold his head up by himself, and roll over by himself, and crawl and walk by himself to now being the mom who has the preschooler who declares he is big enough to be dropped at the preschool door all by himself and head into school all by himself.

I have great joy in how Andrew is learning and growing these days but sure wish I would have videotaped every moment of the last FIVE years so I could do a review and figure out when did I push down the "fast forward" button of life.

No doubt there will be more posts this week of all the fun festivities...including the first big friend birthday party on Tuesday....anyone want to help me corral the 5 boys on Tuesday...awwww come on! Anyone? Actually I am probably more excited than Monkey right now and I just hope he has the best day ever! Here a reminder from where it started.....what an amazing gift and blessing he has been from the very very very beginning...I love you Monkey!

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