Monday, May 10, 2010

Grandma's Quilts

Well Monkey has been privileged since birth, well so am I to be perfectly honest! He and I have always slept with homemade quilts either made by my Grandma O or now by Monkey's Grandma O (which he refers to as Grandma Ginnie). Grandma Ginnie has kept up an important tradition of homemade quilt making and Andrew is the proud owner of a few already. Well one of the nights prior to our Disney trip as we were tucking Monkey into bed and trying to make sure he was warm enough that he would sleep all night (not requiring Daddy to visit shortly to recover him so he would go back to sleep)...we decided to pull out the heavy guns in other words pull out a full sized quilt vs. a kids quilt in hopes the extra coverage might work. The quilt we grabbed is one made by Grandma Ginnie and is pink and green to match the Laura Ashley comforter that used to adorn my full I thought there might be some protest over this pink quilt but the reaction was quite the contrary. Monkey's reaction filled my heart and my tear ducks both, Daddy spread it out over the bed and Monkey said "wow look at that it's beautiful!", "Did Grandma Ginnie make this new quilt for me?" I told him no it was a quilt she had made for me but that he could use it. I asked him though if he wanted Grandma Ginnie to make a new big quilt for him and he emphatically said "yes!" I love that he values the tradition of the quilts in our family and even more so that he loves Grandma Ginnie for her talent and love in her quilts! Monkey then pulled the quilt right up almost over his head (just like Mommy) and exclaimed "oh it's so cozy". How very very sweet it was!

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